MILC was born with one key goal – to help parents navigate the uncertainty of birth, breastfeeding and the transition to parenthood.

Mothers around the world know the feeling – when your newborn arrives earthside and a warm, fuzzy haze kicks in. It runs deep and is fuelled by unequivocal love, sleep deprivation and, to a certain extent, fear.

Fear of the great unknown as the days, nights, minutes and seconds since becoming a mother slide into one great blur. Why won’t they stop crying? Are they in pain? Are they getting enough milk? Why won’t they sleep? What do they need now?

Will I be good enough?

Your mind runs wild with a million questions, worries and fears, all while recovering from the long, heavy days of pregnancy and, ultimately, the labour itself.

It’s a feeling Libby Morgan knows all too well, not only as a mother of five, but also as a registered midwife, endorsed midwife, registered nurse, IBCLC lactation consultant, child and family health nurse, and in her role as the founder of MILC – Mothers, Infants and Lactation Consultancy.

“It’s been a big journey to get where we are today. We began almost 10 years ago now, when my previous business partner Cassie took the leap into private practice to provide lactation consultancy,” says Libby.

“I saw a need for greater maternal support and after some study, hoop jumping and more study, we joined forces to create a unique service that offers antenatal classes and antenatal care, as well as postnatal and lactation support and sleep settling advice to the women in Orange and surrounds.”

While Cassie has since returned to her work as a lactation consultant at the hospital, Libby continues on at the forefront of MILC to ultimately help parents navigate the uncertainty of birth, breastfeeding and the transition to parenthood.

“Today, the MILC love is going strong and is also able to be shared far and wide through the use of telehealth and phone consults – something we were especially grateful for in recent years.”


Libby has also gone on to establish the MILCSHOP, which features its own private consultation rooms and a boutique where you can treat yourself (or bub!) to something beautiful.

“I fell in love with this little shop years ago, and when I saw the ‘Fore sale’ sign go up the idea just came to me,” says Libby.

“I wanted to create our own consulting space, somewhere women could come and feed their baby in a clean, peaceful environment. Somewhere women could hire a breast pump and buy some gorgeous things for themselves and their baby. But mostly somewhere women can feel comfortable, ask questions and know we’re there to provide the number one tool we have – reassurance. We want all our parents to know that what they’re experiencing is normal and assure them they’re doing a fabulous job!”

For Libby, being invited to share the precious journey of parenthood is a privilege, and something she’ll continue to find joy in for many years to come.

“I am so passionate about this service I created with Cassie way back in 2011, so thank you to all our MILC parents for trusting us with those early steps into parenthood. It’s an absolute honour and I can’t wait to meet more of you in the years ahead.”

{words: Steph Wanlessphotography: Monique Lovick}